Dance Ireland Mentored Residency and upcoming performances

I’m delighted to say that these past few months have been very busy with lots of exciting performances coming up before Christmas. Myself and Kristyn Fontanella have been awarded Dance Ireland’s Mentored Residency in Traditional Dance under world-renowned dance artist and performer Colin Dunne. Kristyn and I met on the MA Contemporary Dance program at […]

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Dancing in Seville

I’m just home from Seville, Spain where I had the wonderful opportunity of performing sean-nós in the stunning open air venue, CICUS Arts Center, for two nights. On the first night I performed with ‘Stolen Notes’ a local Irish traditional music group, who I was amazed to hear had reached a level of virtuosity by […]

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Well, hello there..

Wow, it’s been pretty quiet around here for quite some time ay? Sorry about that! Here’s an update: Over the next few months I’ll be working on my final semester project for my MA in Contemporary Dance. This will be a film project merging different elements I’ve studied over the course of the year. It […]

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