The Bonny Men’s official music for ‘Jenny’s Welcome to Charlie’, about the torment of the creative process. Visceral movement, animal imagery and wild traditional music collide producing a piece that creeps and crawls its way under the skin.Choreography by Sibéal Davitt.

Surrender Navigation

A new dance show by Sibéal Davitt.

Surrender Navigation deconstructs what makes us want to dance. The dancers’ controlled and carefully choreographed movements become an extension of the music until individual voices emerge.

Choreography: Sibéal Davitt and dancers

Dancers: Olwyn Lyons, Jade O’Connor, Millie Daniel-Dempsey, Emily Kilkenny Roddy

Track: New Jackson – From Night to Night

Hear This Dance

‘Hear This Dance’ is a collaborative project which asks how technological intervention can shape the relationship between traditional forms of Music and Dance.

How does technological intervention change the relationship between musician and dancer in a traditional context? Can technology function as performer, instrument or tool?

Hear This Dance 1

Choreography: Sibéal Davitt

Concertina: Niall Vallely

Composer: Stephen Roddy

Broadreach 10 Commission

Sibéal co-choreographed ‘Walk, Run, Dance’ with Olwyn Lyons for CoisCéim Dance Theatre’s youth dance company, ‘Creative Steps’, of which she was a member for five years while studying for her undergraduate degree at Trinity College Dublin.

Walk, Run, Dance for Creative Steps (2017)

In 2018 she continued her work with Creative Steps for a second year and co-choreographed ‘C O U N T E R | C U L T U R E’ with Olwyn Lyons.

C O U N T E R | C U L T U R E for Creative Steps (2018)

As We Know It

In a whirl of hypnotic sound loops and rhythmic patterns, a ‘sean-nós’ dancer and traditional Irish step dancer pose a burning question – ‘What is Irish dance’?
Do you know what Irish dance is?

Sibéal and Kristyn performed work in progress showings of ‘As We Know It’ at Dance Research Forum of Ireland 2016 in NYC and at Tanzmesse 2016 in Dusseldorf, Germany.

In 2017 they performed at ‘First Looks’ as part of Dublin Dance Festival 2017, ‘Un Question De Dance’ at KLAP, Marseille and at ‘Tradition and Beyond’ a double bill with This Is How We Fly at Echo Echo Festival of Dance and Movement, Derry.

Mentored Residency with Colin Dunne

Sibéal and Kristyn Fontanella worked with world-renowned performer Colin Dunne over the course of two weeks to develop new work which explores traditional Irish dance from the perspective of a ‘sean-nós’ and traditional Irish step dancer.

Having undertaken an MA in Contemporary Dance at University of Limerick in 2014, Kristyn and Sibéal felt compelled to collaborate and create new movement together with the close mentorship of Colin Dunne who also graduated from the MA course a number of years ago.

‘As We Know It’ (above) is a product of this work.

Here are some links to my previous work-

nine to five

Choreography and performance by Sibéal Davitt & Olwyn Lyons
Filmed by Gavin FitzGerald & Colin Brady
Art Direction by Ciana March


If Jack is late for school one more time.. he will be EXPELLED!

‘School Rush’ is a collaborative project between Sibéal Davitt (dancer), Gavin FitzGerald (filmmaker) and Ciarán Gray (director of Company B, youth dance company for boys) funded by the Arts Council (Youth Ensembles Scheme 2013).

‘School Rush’ was featured as part of Light Moves Festival of Screendance 2014 in Limerick.


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