As We Know It

A frank conversation between an Irish traditional step dancer and a sean-nós dancer. Performed in Dance Limerick, October 2015.

Performance dates in 2016 tbc. More information contact

Password: irishdance

Mentored Residency with Colin Dunne

Sibéal and Kristyn Fontanella worked with world-renowned performer Colin Dunne over the course of two weeks to develop new work which explores traditional Irish dance from the perspective of a ‘sean-nós’ and traditional Irish step dancer.

Having undertaken an MA in Contemporary Dance at University of Limerick in 2014, Kristyn and Sibéal felt compelled to collaborate and create new movement together with the close mentorship of Colin Dunne who also graduated from the MA course a number of years ago.

‘As We Know It’ (above) is a product of this work.

Resting Bitch Face (work in progress)

A duet with dance artist Olwyn Lyons exploring the notion of restriction in the body and mind. This work is being developed in 2016.

Trip-nós (Live)

‘Trip-nós’ is a live dance experiment which incorporates sean-nós dance, traditional Irish music and electronic music.