I’ve recently been working with Coiscéim Creative Steps on a multi-media, contemporary dance piece on the theme of internet hacking and identity theft. Frame by Frame explores the different stages of identity theft through dance from the logging of valuable information online to the loss of he person’s identity.

Inspiration for the piece was drawn from Jean Baudrillard and Walter Benjamin’s theories on the ‘death of the original’ in simulacra. For example, in art when an original piece is copied or doubled, the original loses meaning or is annihilated. In ‘Frame by Frame’, the main character Olwyn posts a blog of herself talking, giving valuable information online. She naively makes ‘friends’ with hackers on social networking sites and the information she shares with them is then stolen and her identity is copied to the point where the original Olwyn doesn’t exist anymore.

Olwyn Blog

In the final ‘interrogation’ section where Olwyn’s identity is completely stripped from her the following piece of film is projected in the background.

Frame by Frame Red

We performed ‘Frame by Frame’ in Dunamaise Performing Arts Theatre in Portlaoise on March 18th. Here are some stills from the day.

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