I was very busy over the weekend working with the online video site Otv at Oireachtas na Samhna. The crew was made up of about 4 editors, 5 camera operators and many more. We got some great stuff together. You can check it out here > Otv

I made a video with my 60d and edited it as well. The lovely Aoife Carberry did the sound. The aim was to ask people what an tOireachtas means to them, personally. We got some great responses. I only now realised that video also shows what an tOireachtas means to me (with a huge focus on sean-nós dancing!) Here it is:


I also did a bit of ‘classy sean-nós’ with the Rubberbandits and fellow Bandette, Emma O’Sullivan on Friday Night at Cabaret Craiceáilte, all caught on camera:

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